Meet the talented and quirky folks of Temprite Climate Solutions

Lance, Owner
Founded Temprite in 2013
lance_thumbLance founded Temprite Climate Solutions in 2013. He’s a registered Daikin Comfort Professional, a Certified Red Seal Refrigeration Technician, a Class B Registered Gas Fitter, and an Electrical Field Safety Representative. Lance is also certified in ventilation through the Thermal Environmental Comfort Association, as well as being certified in Refrigerant CFC Handling.

When he isn’t busy solving problems on the job, Lance spends his time binge-watching episodes of Walking Dead, crushing on Miley Cyrus and drinking aged scotch on epic camping trips.

Andrea, Office Manager

With Temprite since 2014

andrea_thumbAndrea is the glue that holds our office together. She’s a dispatching goddess and maintains exemplary customer service in any situation.

In her spare time, Andrea can be found drinking vanilla lattés and avoiding cauliflower and swimming pools. The three people living or dead that she’d invite to dinner are Elvis Presley, Johnny Depp and her grandma.




Keanan, Technician
With Temprite since 2014

Keanan_thumbKeanan is a Certified Red Seal Refrigeration Technician and a Registered Class B Gas Fitter. He’s also certified in Refrigerant CFC Handling.

Keanan can often be found winding down after a long week with a can of Lucky and his TV tuned in to episodes of Gold Rush on Discovery.



Jason, Technician
With Temprite since 2014

jason_thumbJason is a Certified Red Seal Sheet Metal Technician who’s also certified in ventilation from the Thermal Environmental Comfort Association.

On weekends, Jason enjoys fishing, enjoying the occasional can of Lucky and watching the romantic comedy “There’s Something About Mary” starring his celebrity crush, Cameron Diaz. Shhhhh!




Bradon, Technician
With Temprite since 2013

bradon_thumbBradon is a Registered Level 1 Sheet Metal Apprentice who’s been with Temprite since 2013.

In his free time, Bradon likes to put his feet up with an episode of the Trailer Park Boys after an afternoon at the lake with his dog. If he had the chance, he’d invite Robb Wells, Mike Smith and Jonathan Torrens to share a meal. We won’t judge, Bradon!